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The Illinois Association of School Boards carries out most of its legislative activities through its partnership in the Illinois Statewide School Management Alliance. Other Alliance partners include the Illinois Association of School Administrators, Illinois Association of School Business Officials and the Illinois Principals Association. The ability of each of these organizations to influence public policy is enhanced through the cooperative efforts of the Statewide School Management Alliance, which directs all of their efforts at producing legislation that fosters a favorable educational climate in Illinois and promotes effective school board leadership.

Through combined efforts of all four organizations, the School Management Alliance maintains close liaison with the State Board of Education, Illinois Senate and House Education Committees, Office of the Governor, governmental offices and agencies. Alliance staff also maintain close working relationships with dozens of organizations and interest groups that influence public policy, such as the Illinois Taxpayers' Federation, State Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Education Association, Illinois Federation of Teachers, and the Illinois Learning Partnership, an emerging coalition of organizations in the business and school communities.

In addition to the Alliance, IASB supports the Federal Relations Network (FRN),   a nationwide network of school board members organized by the National School Boards Association (NSBA) to keep boards of education in touch with the Congress. The IASB Board of Directors is authorized to name up to five FRN members from each congressional district, all of whom stay in touch with their representatives and senators throughout the year, reporting back to school boards in their congressional districts. They also attend an annual FRN conference in Washington, D.C. to directly lobby their elected representatives.

IASB legislative communications activities include the following:

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